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At Tech Camp 2019 in Gulu, Prototyping class is where you do things more practically, you make smaller copies of your idea that you think could change the world, then work towards it until you see something real - something that will keep you on track- Oysters and Pearls

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Small things done are far much better than big things planned, for every big-mega product makes a diffence in the world [iPhones, Mac, Ubuntu, Coca-Cola] name em' name em' name em', they all started out on paper, when you prototype, you have a smaller representation of your mega project, it keeps you on track and determined.


An educational Program for Africa, Uganda.

Oysters & Pearls is an ongoing educational program inclusive of the blind with emphasis on teaching science, technology, engineering and math to students in Uganda. We are also working with students on other educational curriculum such as wildlife, conservation and sports. We advocate opportunities for women.

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About integrating technology and science in schools that are inclusive of the blind. Oysters & Pearls is also an advocate of women and girls’ opportunities in education and sports as well as promoting wildlife conservation.

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We support education for the visually impaired, blind and sighted students in two ways, 1) with physical tools and 2) with the knowledge and experience from our teachers and mentors. From this we have created two areas for our educational giving programs...

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The face and voice of Cyprian Okirigi were laden with confidence as he hoisted the trophy his team won in the National Science and Technology Challenge organized by Oysters & Pearls-Uganda at Gulu University.With strides of a winner, Cyprian bolted...

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